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Excellence & Access - The Strategic Plan for SUNY Upstate Medical University

The Strategic Plan of Upstate Medical University | 2023–2028

The Upstate Strategic Plan is the overarching guide for Upstate Medical University. In 2023 the strategic plan was updated to create a simple, high-level framework that every area and individual within the organization can use to align their work. 

This newest iteration of the Upstate Strategic Plan focuses on two goals:

Excellence & Access

These are the qualities that Upstate wants to be known for across all its services. In order to achieve those goals, there are 6 priority areas that must be focused that will ultimately drive Excellence and Access at Upstate. Each priority area is relevant across the education, biomedical research and patient care missions and to every area of the organization. Every individual at Upstate can have an impact on these priority areas and in achieving Excellence and Access at Upstate. 

A Message from President Dewan about the Upstate Strategic Plan



1Improve Quality and Enhance Patient, Staff and Learner Experience

Across missions, programs and services will be designed, promoted and evaluated according to accepted standards and agreed to quality goals. Upstate will be known for its consistent excellence in healthcare, education, research and employment.

Measures of Progress:

  • Improve quality of care and patient safety ratings
  • Retain and improve Upstate’s reputation as a preferred place to work, receive care, learn and conduct research
  • Improve wellness of faculty, staff and learners

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Focus on clinical system quality improvement initiatives
  • Act on Student Opinion Survey to increase student satisfaction
  • Focus on wellness initiatives for faculty, staff and learners

2Enhance Innovation

Foster a climate of innovation across the missions and establish mechanisms to allow innovative ideas to cascade upward from all levels of the institution.

Measures of Progress:

  • Increase Hospital at Home services for appropriate patients
  • Optimize time to successful completion of training and certification
  • Increase research funding, clinical trials established and patents filed and commercialized

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Increase Hospital at Home services for appropriate patients
  • Focus on innovation in curricula or pedagogy
  • Implement Research Strategic Plan high-priority initiatives

3Improve Efficiency, Sustainability and Fiscal Responsibility

Continuously improve operational and administrative efficiencies resulting in improved cost management and delivery of services, while reducing waste in all areas.

Measures of Progress:

  • Improve timely discharge
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase percentage of total waste that is recycled or composted

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Focus on clinical system efficiencies
  • Focus on shared services efficiencies
  • Expand composting and recycling across Upstate


4Increase Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion

The student body and workforce reflect the community in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, nationality and other dimensions of diversity.

Measures of Progress:

  • Increase recruitment of URM faculty, staff and learners, particularly from the immediate community
  • Increase retention and improve personal and professional success for URM faculty, staff and learners
  • Increase minority and women business enterprise (MWBE) contracts

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Improve academic and employment pathway and pipeline programs to Upstate
  • Implement race, equity and inclusion trainings
  • Focus on minority and women business enterprise (MWBE) contracts with local businesses

5Grow Programs and Community Partnerships

Grow programs in research, education and clinical care by continuous evaluation of market need and mission objectives.

Measures of Progress:

  • Growth in clinical volume and in strategic clinical initiatives
  • Increase enrollment in targeted and collaborative academic programs
  • Increase contributions to Upstate foundations

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Focus on growth in priority programs and services
  • Increase industry/research engagements and collaborations
  • Align external relationships and collaborations

6Optimize Technology, Facilities and Support Services

Promote efficient use of core facilities and technology supporting research, teaching and clinical care.

Measures of Progress:

  • Implementation of a new master facility plan
  • Increase utilization of autonomous machines
  • Optimization of telehealth services.

Examples of High Level Projects to Achieve Priority

  • Develop and implement a new master facilities plan
  • Expand the number of departments utilizing autonomous machine solutions
  • Invest in the latest technologies and instrumentation in research core facilities

To improve the health of the communities we serve through education, biomedical research and patient care.

United in expertise, compassion and hope in the creation of a healthier world for all.

• We drive innovation & discovery • We respect people • We serve our community • We value integrity • We embrace diversity & inclusion